Civility Guidelines

In addition to our terms and conditions, this document outlines a more informal set of guidelines to follow when submitting reviews or interacting with other users on Turkopticon.

For everyone

Although already covered under our terms and conditions, we'd like to reiterate:

  1. Don't include or link to excessive profanity or ethnic slurs in reviews or comments. What counts as "excessive profanity" is solely up to moderators' discretion.
  2. Don't insult workers or requesters. Calling a requester "cheap" is okay, but anything stronger (e.g., "cheap bastard") is not. Describing a HIT as "bubble hell" is okay, but saying a requester should "go to hell" is not.
  3. Don't threaten or incite violence.

For reviewers and commenters

  1. Don't falsify information.
  2. Don't include personal information about the requester unless the information was included in the HIT. Business information, including the requester's name, business email and physical address may be included, but personal email, home address, phone number, or social network profiles generally should not.
  3. Don't include screening information, information about attention checks, or completion codes.
  4. Don't include ASCII art.
  5. Don't review or comment in ALL CAPS.

For requesters

  1. Don't review yourself; comment instead.
  2. Don't include personal identifying information about workers, including, but not limited to, names, Mechanical Turk worker IDs, or email addresses.
  3. It's suggested that you make it clear you are the requester in question when commenting on reviews of your own HITs.

For researchers

  1. Do not manipulate or attempt to manipulate Turkopticon data for research purposes. Please see Guidelines for Academic Requesters on Dynamo for additional information.